Sunday, June 8, 2014

#23 Mobile Things
Thing 15


I had never heard this term before and had to do some research on what it exactly was.
I could not find Infographics Hub to download but did try out a few others.

The Best Infographics--a collection of infographics
Tried this one.  You can only view existing graphics and not make your own. I did find some cool guides about grilling meat and a infographic on when not to post on Social media sites. It had a lot of annoying pop up ads that I had to close to try and view the graphics.

How To Create Infographics--This app is a class on what are infographics and how to create them. There  are videos to watch. Very cool app!  This is a great app. I would recommend this to people, especially people like me who had never heard the term infographics before.

This is a really great thing for me to use at work. I am always trying to think of creative ideas for signage that gets peoples attention.
#23 mobile things
Thing 14

I decided to try Vine since I had heard of it and know some people who use it.  This app I had to go back and read the directions a few times to make sure I was doing it right.  Some apps you can figure out on your own , but some definitely need directions to get.  This would be a great app for using with the library and posting for others to view, but I am big on privacy so I do not like to post photos or videos where people can be identified.  In my personal life, I would very rarely use it unless to send something to close family or friends .  This would seem geared towards younger people who share more than I do. In my opinion this is an ok app, just not for me.
#23 mobile things
Thing 13

Finishing up my 23 things today!  Been busy with summer reading prep.

I chose to try both Deck slideshow. After a few trys to download , I was able to give it a try.  I will confess that it took me a lot of time to figure out how to put together a presentation. I wen back a reread the directions a few times and was able to figure it out.  I down loaded the app on my phone as that was the only device that would work.  I did like that it already have themes to chose from. Makes it much easier!  I would recommend this app but tell the person to play with it for a while to to get the hang of it.  I did want to try Lensoo to compare the 2 apps but it was not compatible with my phone.

Monday, May 12, 2014

#23 mobile things
Thing 12

I chose the freebooks app because I wanted access to help inform patrons of free! books for them to download.  There is a large selection and easy to use.  I have not read any books for my personal use, but would recommend to patrons as a great resource.

#23 Mobile Things
Thing 11

I use the Overdrive app quite a bit. I like to look while I am waiting in public.  I also have helped many patrons to download and how to use it.  Setup can be hard for some patrons but once the initial work is done , they are happy with the results.  I do use this quite a bit at work helping patrons.
#23 mobile things
Thing 10

I already had Instagram installed on my phone.  I don't use it that much as I don't post a lot of pictures. It is easy to use and was not hard to set up.  I am using it more for work than for my personal life.
#23 mobile things
Thing 9

I chose to download color splurge and line camera.  They worked equally well and I had a lot of fun changing and adding things to my pics. I did like color splurge a little better. It was easier to use and didn't have as many updates to download.  I probably will not use this professionally as much as I would use it personally. I may post pics of my library .